Terms and Conditions


Welcome to GameHero’s terms and conditions. In this document you will find our terms of service and policies. Everything in this document is legally binding, if a section is not legally binding it does not void the rest of the document.


You understand that we use third party advertising networks, analytics and other statistical software(s) that may collect your basic data. We also use cookies. You can find out more from our Privacy Policy.

If you are caught trying to manipulate GameHero in any way we reserve the right to terminate your account and access effective immediately.

My using this website you agree to it’s terms and conditions in it’s entirety.

Registration Terms

You may not register if:

  • You are under the age of 13.
  • You use fake details (e.g name, email).
  • You have been banned in the past.
  • Third party fraud checks find your IP address to be a “risk IP”.
  • You plan on attempting to manipulate data.
  • You already have an account with us.
  • Your country deems affiliate earning websites to be illegal.

We reserve the right to terminate accounts at our discretion, if we deem an account to be fraudulent, we detect suspicious activity, or any of the other reasons listed above we can and will terminate your account with us. Accounts deemed any of the above or deemed unsafe at our discretion will first be suspended for 7 days, giving you a chance to justify or explain why we may have come to our conclusions.


You understand that the way you earn is through third party advertising networks. GameHero uses these advertising networks as part of it’s platform so you, the user can earn money by completing their actions. The advertising network then lets us know what task you have completed and we reward you accordingly. GameHero also earns a commission from these actions. See the “Security” section to learn more about the content delivered from third parties.

Receiving Payments

To receive payments from us you are required to give us correct information, see Registration Terms.

It’s up to you to determine your countries tax laws. GameHero holds no liability.

Depending on your region, once you hit a certain threshold for earnings you will be required to fill out a W8 Tax form in order to continue receiving payments from us.

If there isn’t a suitable payment gateway for you, please contact us so we can look into adding one for your area/needs. Your points do not expire.

You may choose to hold and accumulate points over time, that’s your prerogative. We cannot guarantee fully 100% that your points will be safe. For instance, there could be a network breach, your account could be compromised by malware from your end, there are many scenarios in which your account may be breached. See our “Security” section to better understand our roles and liability.



By using GameHero you understand and accept that security breaches can happen to anyone. We hold no liability over what information might be accessed in this case. Fortunately, we do not collect and store online extremely sensitive details such as payment methods, bank account details, et cetera.

We guarantee to maintain high web standards, keep GameHero updated and constantly monitored for security breaches. We use state of the art technologies for our security on both the platform and the server in which the platform is hosted. Backups are taken daily. We encrypt information over SSL (https).

In the event of a data breach we will endeavor to find out the extent of the breach, how it happened and keep our users notified of what information might have been accessed.

Third Party

You understand that we cannot control what content our third party advertising networks deliver to you. We do not take any responsibility for content that might be delivered to you. We do not take any responsibility for any harm caused.

In extreme cases, malware can slip through on advertising platforms. As stated above, we cannot control what is delivered, and take no responsibility for harm or damages.

We recommend you check out the advertising networks we use and take a look at their terms of service.


By using GameHero, you, the user agree to our terms and conditions in their entirety. By using our service you state you have read and agree to all written in this document. This document is subject to change. We reserve the right to modify this policy as needs dictate.

Last revised: 05/05/2019.

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